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Infused Competencies Inventory

Hi Professor, Am I in your course?

During the past year and a half, the Curriculum Committee has engaged in a deliberative process focused on addressing two key concerns: 

(1) The College’s current position is that information management, critical thinking, values, ethics, and diverse perspectives are infused throughout the curriculum.  However, they are not clearly identified. 

(2)  If these competencies are, indeed, infused throughout the curriculum, are they “everywhere,” or are they present only in certain courses (and if so, in which courses)? 

Over the next month, departments will be asked to help answer the question "Hi professor, Am I in your course?" by completing an “infused competencies inventory” in the curriculum database for all courses. The curriculum inventory will be looking at Values and Ethics, Diverse Perspectives, Critical Thinking, Information Management, and Global Perspectives.

The faculty will be requested to complete the curriculum inventory in the curriculum database. A faculty member will need to input the course prefix and number (MTH 104 for example) and the curriculum database will pull in the course title and description. Then, faculty members will be asked to click on the check boxes next to the criteria for each infused competency. Please remember, assertions that courses have content that is not actually there, or omissions of course content that is actually provided, are both harmful to the inventory process, because they are distortions to the data we are trying to collect. The information on this inventory is not intended, nor will it be used, to judge the worth, value, or quality of a course.

I understand that this is a busy time of year for everyone. However, your participation in this initiative is important and appreciated!  Please feel free to contact me, Mark Ernsthausen at: <""> or 292-2953 with any questions.

Mark Ernsthausen