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College Annual Audit Results

The College's external audit team, The Bonadio Group, presented their report of the 2019 fiscal year audit to the Board of Trustees on February 3, 2020. Their audit encompassed an assessment of operating funds (i.e. monthly financial statements reported to the BOT by the CFO) and grant funds (i.e., financial aid and all other grants administered by the College). The audit also included an assessment of Information Technology controls - focusing on computer operations, change management, access, program management, and information security.

I am pleased to report that Bonadio has issued the College an unmodified opinion - meaning the information as presented in the financial statements is correct and can be relied upon. Specifically - the auditor found no material weaknesses in the College's internal controls and identified no audit adjustments or findings.

The IT controls assessment reflects the commitment, focus and progress achieved since the last audit by Technology Services. The two items that were assessed "Consider Immediate Action" have improved to "Moderate" and "Highly Desirable and Functioning".

These results are not achievable without the hard work of all College employees and I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in helping us achieve these results!

Simmons, Hezekiah
Administrative Services