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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review until June 27, 2017

The following curriculum proposals were approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until June 27, 2017.

New Courses:

COS 110 ESOL College Orientation 2016-NC25-Spring

PHY 110 HVACR Physics 2016-NC26-Spring

Course Revisions:

OPT 131 Optical Elements and Ray Optics 2016-CR106-Spring

HIS 109 Global History I: to the 1500s 2016-CR104-Spring

HIS 110 Global History II: Since the 1500s 2016-CR105-Spring

Program Revisions:

AAS Information And Network Technology 2016-PR46-Spring

AS African-American Studies 2016-PR52-Spring

AS Gender And Sexuality Studies 2016-PR51-Spring

AS Business Administration 2016-PR32-Spring



SPC 144 Communication and Crisis Karen Coffey-11/13/2016-GE-3

Please note that all courses approved for SUNY General Education also qualify for related MCC General Education Learning Outcomes automatically. For these proposals, the MCC General Education component does not require separate approval by the faculty. Proposals for MCC General Education listed above (and attached) are included for faculty review because faculty are proposing to qualify these courses separately for the listed general education outcomes.

Michael Heel
Curriculum and Program Development