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Women Entrepreneurship Week: Creating a Entrepreneurial Mindset w/Kristen Fragnoli, Quest Potential Leadership

Faculty, Staff, Students, please join us Wednesday, October 17, 12-1pm: Brighton Campus, Forum

Workshop: Creating a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset to Help You Thrive

w/Kristen Fragnoli, CEO/Coach, Quest Potential Leadership & Life Coaching

Are you an aspiring Entrepreneur? This session will energize you to make progress toward your dream. Discover how to breakdown obstacles to success, clarify your purpose and take the next step so you and your business can thrive!

Wednesday, October 17, 12-1pm: Brighton Campus, Forum

MCC is joining over 150 colleges and universities in 29 countries and 45 states participating in Women Entrepreneurship Week (WEW), a global movement to celebrate and inspire female founders. To review general information regarding this event, please visit and

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