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Please remember that a student is supposed to be allowed to take only one of the COS courses for credit. However, we have discovered that several students took both of these courses and some were registered internally in INB. The courses are now set up as “mutually exclusive” so an error message will appear if a registration attempt is made for COS 101 or 133 subsequent to receiving credit for one of them. The verbiage is clear in both course descriptions below.

COS 101 - College Orientation Basics

COS 101 provides essential and realistic information about the College in a concise one-credit course. Topics include course syllabus, MCC computer technology, college grades, goal setting, time management, college policy, campus resources and activities. A student who has earned a passing grade for COS 101 cannot later earn credit for COS 133. For information contact the COS Coordinator, Professor Diane Fitton at ext. 292-2355. One class hour.

1 Credit

COS 133 - Introduction to College Studies

This course is designed to help students develop strategies and skills necessary for a successful college career. Topics include adjusting to college, setting academic goals, managing time and keeping organized, learning and studying in college, preparing for and taking tests, understanding college policies and regulations, and accessing and using MCC computer technology.

Students will learn about MCC’s resources, activities and rich cultural diversity. Throughout the course, students will use critical thinking skills to make informed choices, to understand their responsibilities for academic success, and to become independent, motivated learners.

A student who has earned a passing grade for COS 133 cannot later earn credit for COS 101. For information contact the COS Coordinator, Diane Fitton, at ext. 2355.

3 Credits

Kimberley Willis
Registration and Records