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Health and Physical Education Instructor Michael Britton receives award

The Joint Fire Service Leadership of Monroe County held its annual Firefighter Appreciation Dinner on Thursday October 8th. The Brighton Fire Department presented Michael Britton of our Health and Physical Education department with the Good Neighbor Distinguished Service Award. This award is given to a firefighter or civilian who saves a life without putting his or her life at severe risk.

Last August, Mike responded to a neighbor knocking on the door, asking if anyone knew CPR.  He was able to respond quickly and save a three year old child who had been choking.  Upon Mike’s arrival the child had recently stopped breathing. Mike was able to perform emergency rescue procedures and dislodge the grape that was obstructing her wind pipe. Shortly after Mike’s response, emergency and fire department rescue services were on the scene to bring the child to the hospital for observation and follow-up.  The initial firefighter to arrive at the scene nominated Mike Britton for the award. 

Janet Dalke
Health & Physical Education