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New At-a-Glance Resource for Incoming Calls and Inquiries

Members of the Support Staff Planning Council have created an "at-a-glance" document to help MCC employees quickly and accurately answer callers' and visitors' questions and, when needed, forward them to the correct department. SSPC intends for this to be a useful resource throughout the College that can be tailored by individuals and departments to fit their own needs.

The attached document is designed to be folded into a two-sided desk reference. It can also be accessed at M:\Offices\Shared\At a Glance Resource Directory; and at SSPC's Blackboard space via: myMCC, Employees, My Courses, My Organizations, Support Staff Planning Council.

SSPC members Juanita Leone (ATC) and Marybeth Donnelly (Admissions) were instrumental in creating this resource.

Attached Files:
At a Glance Resource Directory Fall 2018.pdf

Lavin, Sylvia
Support Staff Planning Council