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New Traffic Enforcement Initiative

The three R's -- Respect, Responsibility and Reality -- are not just for the classroom!

In an effort to make the College safer and a more pleasant environment to work, study and now live, the College is implementing a fine structure with its moving violation program.

Experience has shown that many motorists are not obeying traffic devices, i.e. speed limit postings, stop signs, one-way signs. This past semester we have seen an increase in motor vehicle accidents on our campus. Many can be attributed to speed and driver inattention. MCC's Personal Health and Safety Committee has been working to find strategies to reduce the number of accidents on our campus. Fees now associated with our moving violation program, improved signage and a publicized safety campaign are some of the initiatives.

Please note that the speed limit is 30 MPH on the perimeter road, 25 MPH on the interior (i.e. service) roads, and 10 MPH in the parking lots. The College's patrol vehicles are equipped with radar units to monitor speed on campus. We are in the process of installing "radar enforced" speed limit signs and have installed stop signs on the perimeter road by the residence halls.

The moving violation program with associated fines will be activated in October. As a new initiative, there will be a brief warning period through Sunday, Oct. 5. On Monday, Oct. 6, "$PEEDING WILL COST YOU MORE THAN BEFORE."

If you have any questions, please call Leah Dyer at 292-2900. Have a safe semester!

Leah Dyer
Public Safety