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Congrats to the STEM/Applied STEM Institute Faculty!

Congratulations to the faculty members and coaches of the 2014-2015 STEM/Applied STEM Institute for Faculty: Course Redesign for Active & Collaborative Learning! 

The Institute, hosted by MCC’s Teaching & Creativity Center on the Brighton campus during August 4-8, 2014, was a mix of interactive workshops, one-on-one consultations, and work time designed to help STEM and Applied STEM faculty members learn about and implement active and collaborative learning techniques. With the help of MCC faculty coaches, participants learned new techniques, effective implementation strategies, solutions to common problems, and various assessment methods.  By the end of the week, they successfully used backwards design to redesign a unit in their courses with active and collaborative techniques, creating a learner-centered classroom.  During the Fall 2014 semester, Institute faculty members will continue to support each other’s work in a Faculty Learning Community and will have additional consultations with their coaches.  For more information on this project, please visit the TCC website:$65

Thank you to the following faculty members for their participation and hard work: 

Linda Carson, Mathematics
Judy Dean, Mathematics
Brian Edelbach, Chemistry/Geosciences
Barb Ellis, Health Professions
Tracey Graney, Biology
Tori Matthews, Biology
Emily Putnam, Mathematics
Krista Rodriguez, Health Professions
Rachel Santiago, Mathematics
Karen Wells, Mathematics
Chris Wendtland, Biology
Liz Zion-Stratton, Nursing

Thank you to the following coaches for their hard work in preparing and facilitating the Institute and for sharing their enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for teaching:

Julie Damerell, ESOL/TRS
Margaret Kaminsky, Chemistry/Geosciences
Suzanne Long, Biology

Thank you to the many others who helped with the Institute: Angel Andreu, Matt Farley & the Sodexo Staff, Yolanda Johnson, Kristen Love, Remegia Mitchell, Angelique Morrow, Mary-jo Popovici, Peggy Scata, Denise Thomas, Diane Wilson, and the Teaching & Creativity Center faculty committees.

And finally, thank you to the Xerox STEM Project for their funding and support of this project.

Neeta Primo, Project Director and Jonathan Iuzzini, TCC Coordinator


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