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Holiday Electrical Work to Interrupt Power

On Thursday evening, December 22, we will begin work on replacing the power substation that serves buildings 2 and 3. This will result in a total power outage in both buildings for up to 8 hours. We would like to schedule the work to begin as early as possible Thursday evening. We are in the process of contacting the departments in both buildings to discuss your planned closing times for that day. If we miss anyone in buildings 2 or 3, please contact Jim Charlton ext. 2816 or Blaine Grindle ext. 2804 in the Facilities Department this week. As soon as we can determine the earliest possible start time, we will publicize it in the Tribune again.

This project is the final substation replacement scheduled for this year. At the conclusion of this replacement, all our original 60’s vintage substations will have been replaced in the campus buildings.

The final replacement of the high voltage switchgear that serves 80% of campus, (all the new substations that were installed), will take place during the weekend of August 11th, , 2012. During this replacement the campus will be completely closed. Please plan accordingly and take a vacation! More on that later….

Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering Services