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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are posted for faculty review for the period of October 16 to October 30. The proposals may be viewed by clicking on:  <>

CD1F HUM 260 Contemporary Urban Issues
CR1F EMS 239 Paramedic Clinical and Field Experience I
CR2F EMS 236 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
CR5F ACD 141 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment Modalities
CR6FACD 142 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency and the Family System
CR7F ACD 143 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Counseling Skills
CR8F ACD 144 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Group Counseling Skills
CR9F ACD 145 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse
CR10F ACD 146 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Internship Seminar
CR12F EMS 240 Paramedic Clinical and Field Experience II
CR13F BUS 204 Management Theory and Practice
NC3F PSY 280 Mysteries of Sleep and Dreaming
NC4F SPT 119 Storytelling
NC5F NUR 160 Critical Thinking Utilizing the Nursing Process
NP1S Paramedic, Certificate
PR3F Optical Systems Technology, Electro –Optics Option

Faculty Senate Resolutions– 31
2.1.1 (4) The Curriculum Committee will review the proposals. Upon review, proposals will be posted electronically for faculty review for ten (10) working days. Comments may be submitted by clicking on “Respond to the Document” while in “Posted for Faculty Review.” Comments will be sent electronically to the Committee Chairperson. After the posting period is complete, the Curriculum Committee will review comments and vote on the proposals.

Silvana Sifkarovski
Currriculum & Program Development