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More Alum Go Viral - Check out New Videos

We’ve added more videos to the internet featuring those outstanding alumni who were interviewed for the branding commercials currently running on local network and cable TV. 

This group of successful alumni show the incredible diversity of individuals afforded a start with a degree from MCC. They are business owners, professors, PhD candidates, students at Ivy League schools, analysts, and more.  And all of their success started right here at MCC!

Visit The MCC Journey on
YouTube and check out the stories of:

Cerri Banks, dean at Mount Holyoke College
Steve Delvecchio, Cornell graduate
Jim Sydor, President of Sydor Optics
Anthony Irwin, a Fulbright student
Jerome Flood, drum professor
Deb Stamps, nursing leader
Peter Thayer, PhD candidate
Michael Krupnicki, business owner and MCC certificate instructor

Thanks to Marketing and Community Relations – Web Communications, and the EDIWS video production team for producing these videos.

Debra Davis
Marketing and Community Relations