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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are posted for faculty review for the period of April 5 through April 18. Proposals may be viewed by clicking on:

CD23S PPE 227 Therapeutic Athletic Fitness
CD24S PPE 265 Administration of Sports Fitness
CD26S PEC 147 Personal Defense
CD28S MAS 101 Massage Therapy I
CD29S MAS 103 Massage Therapy III
CD30S MAS 104 Massage Therapy IV
CD31S MAS 102 Massage Therapy II
CD32S MUS 107 Orchestra
CR44S ENR 151 Engineering Computing I
CR45S ENR 154 Engineering Computing Ii
CR46S ENR 157 Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
CR47S ENR 251 Statics
CR48S ENR 252 Dynamics
CR49S ENR 253 Circuit Analysis I
CR50S ENR 254 Circuit Analysis II
CR51S ENR 256 Mechanics of Materials
CR52S ENR 258 Thermodynamics
CR55S PHY 120 Physics for Non-Majors Laboratory
CR56S PHY 141 Radiographic Physics
CR57S PHY 146 College Physics II
CR58S PHY 155 General Physics II
CR59S PHY 100 Preparatory Physics
CR60S PHY 131 Applied Physics I
CR61S PHY 132 Applied Physics II
CR62S PHY 145 College Physics I
CR63S PHY 154 General Physics I
CR64S PHY 161 University Physics I
CR65S PHY 251 University Physics II
CR66S PHY 252 Modern Physics
CR69S OFT 258 Legal Studies II
CR70S PSY 150 Psychology of Human Sexuality
CR72S ART 215 Three Dimensional Design
CR73S MUS 106 Concert Band
NC8S   LDS 202 Leadership and Decision Making
NC9S   LDS 204 Leadership in the Local and Global Community
NP3S   Entrepreneurial Studies, AAS
PR8S   Business Administration, AAS
PR10S Medical Transcription, Certificate
PR11S Radiologic Technology, AAS

Silvana Sifkarovski
Curriculum & Program Development