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Green Office Program

Since its inception at MCC in 2012, 41 offices have chosen to take part in the Green Office Program. Brought to you by the Sustainability committee, the Green Office Program's main goal is to have every office make the commitment to reduce overall energy consumption and to reduce the College’s environmental impact by conserving and recycling resources.

Easy things like turning lights off when the room is not in use, recycling used paper, and having a water bottle for repeated use are just a few things your office can do from the checklist to make the college a greener place. There are a lot of small efforts we can personally make to continue and make our college community sustainable.

The Committee encourages and challenges offices throughout MCC at all campus locations to make the commitment to participate in this initiative. To see a complete list of participants or to join the program yourself, please check out our website <<>>

If you have any further questions please contact Mary Ranghelli (Facilities) or Valarie Avalone (Institutional Planning, Effectiveness & Accountability; Chair of Sustainability).

Margaret Whelehan
Housing and Residence Life