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Students get Spooked at the "Science Spook-tacular!"

Trick or Science? That was the question 29 MCC Upward Bound students had to ask themselves on Friday, October 30th. To get the students thinking about “tricks” and the way things really work, the Upward Bound staff treated them to a series of ghostly science experiments, appropriately named the “Science Spook-tacular”.

The experiments began with testing pH via concocting a witches’ potion and making paper “bleed”. After that, the students learned about density by creating their own lava lamps from water, oil, and Alka-Seltzer. As a finale, students were given a brief demonstration in chemistry in which they were told to combine isopropyl alcohol and all of their bad feelings (oxygen) into an empty water jug. What happened when they added a lit match? Their bad feelings (oxygen) went up in flames, never to return! These demonstrations of “magic” kept the students engaged throughout the day.  As one sophomore student, Isabel, proclaimed, “I never realized how much fun a simple science experiment could be until I saw these!”

For most students, activities like those described above are the only chances they get to see knowledge applied to real life. These chances help to create a connection and sense of relevance between the student and educational content.  The “Science Spook-tacular” is just one example of how MCC Upward Bound can make learning more engaging and tangible for the students.

Kyle Fletcher
MCC Upward Bound