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MyVPN: The New MCC@Home

MCC Faculty, Staff and Administration are invited to the following Brown Bag Lunch Session sponsored by Educational Technology Services. No registration is required – just show up!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Room 4057, Damon City Campus
12 Noon – 1:00pm

Currently, MCC is using MCC@Home to safely connect faculty and staff to MCC’s networked resources from their home. With new advances in technology, ETS will now offer the new and improved With this new access method you will be able to safely connect to MCC resources through your Web Browser. Continued access to files on the M:Drive and the ability to use remote desktops allow faculty and staff to be productive when they are not on campus. This session will focus on using the new connection methods, discussing its options and kicking off its availability to MCC employees. Items to be covered in this session include:

·         Benefits of using the new SSL MyVPN

·         How you can get connected from remote locations

·         Connection options: Clientless vs. Client based

·         Accessing files on the M:Drive

·         Remote Desktop usage

·         Training for working while off campus (Track S)

Facilitated by Ronald DellaPorta, ETS Communications and Network Services.

Ellen Z. Gozik
ETS Instructional Technologies