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How Competency Education is Changing Higher Ed Webinar

The curriculum office and the Re-Imagine, Re-invent, and Re-engineer MCC’s General Education Plan committee would like to invite you to attend a webinar on competency-based education. The webinar will be held in the board room in the Spina Administration Building on Tuesday, December 3rd from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

The traditional model of higher education is built on courses and credits and requirements tied to calendars and, ultimately, to “seat time,” or time in class. Increasingly though, policy-makers are calling for colleges to embrace competency-based education, in which students are awarded credit based on demonstration of knowledge and skills, not seat time. Some institutions have embraced the model and the Obama administration has encouraged more experimentation.

Inside Higher Ed will present a webinar – led by Patricia Lynott, an expert whose institution is a leader in the field – on how competency-based education could change many institutions, and not just those that build entire programs around it.

The webinar will discuss:

• What competency-based education is, and how it works.
• Why competency-based education is attracting more interest now, from policy-makers and potential students.
• How colleges that are organized on traditional methods of awarding credit can explore competency-based offerings and get them off the ground.

Mark Ernsthausen
Mathematics Department