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MCC Upward Bound's End-of-the-Year Celebration of Students and Staff

For the end of the year ceremony on Thursday May 11th, MCC Upward Bound staff acknowledged our students' success and honored our graduating seniors from this academic year. One of the most significant moments in the ceremony was when we presented certificates to our students. The awards were as follows: Outstanding Freshman Award for Karrett Cooper and Abraham Hernandez, Outstanding Sophomore Award for Raia Weathers and Nyelah O'Meally, Outstanding Junior Award for Jordyn Gross and Nicole Johnson. This is the first year that the Montre Bradley Award for Resiliency was given. Montre was a senior in UB's program who was murdered in 2012. The recipient of the award was Tysen Presha. Students of the Year included Isabel Hernandez, Richard Campbell, and Daimonque Singleton. Each student kept up their grades and participation throughout their time in the program. Leomary Carabello took home the Resiliency Award for keeping her G.P.A. at a 4.0 even when she had to go back home to the Dominican Republic. The ceremony ended with two UB alumni, Davian Walters and Lennis Williams, delivering the creed before our super seniors stepped over the line.

Jenee Skinner
Upward Bound