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Tips for Good Mental Health

With Mental Health Month in mind, here are a few suggestions for good mental health:

-Make a point to smile and say “good morning” to neighbors and co-workers. Even little gestures can make someone else’s day better and benefit your own mood.

-Go for a walk or a jog with a friend and play catch-up. Exercise has been shown to benefit mental health.

-Send someone a thank you note. Noticing and appreciating the positives can offer a boost in mood.

-Swap your normal cup of coffee for decaf-reducing intake supports sleep. People who get enough sleep are more likely to succeed at their daily tasks.

Lastly, come visit MCC Counselors in the Atrium on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at noon where we will be making stress balls!

Kelley Bennett
Counseling, International and Veteran Services