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Dental Patient Parking

In efforts to better support the dental program and address faculty parking concerns, Administrative Services and Academic Services would like to announce a new parking initiative.

* 19 spaces in Lot K will be reserved for dental clinic patients. This lot is gated and will help to restrict these spaces for patient use only. We are reserving 19 spaces to accommodate the newly renovated dental lab that will house 19 new patient treatment areas.

* We will add an additional 40 faculty spaces in Lot Q. Currently, there are 20 spaces reserved for faculty in this lot. In total, then, we will add an additional 21 faculty parking spaces.

This solution supports our students, provides additional parking for faculty, and avoids the problems associated with earlier solutions.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Parking Services.

Michael J. McDonough and Heze Simmons
Academic Services and Administrative Services