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Wellness Wednesday Week 3: Building Motivation and Staying on Track With Goals

We are a few weeks into our training program for the MCC Annual 5k Run/Walk for Scholarships, and this is when motivation often starts to wane. The initial excitement of joining the group has worn off, and you may feel busier than ever preparing for the start of the semester. If you are struggling to motivate yourself to get out and go walking or running, that’s okay! First, check in with how you’re feeling. Are you sick? Have you been sleeping enough? Are you unusually stressed? If so, you should consider taking an extra rest day or two to recover. However, if you’re otherwise feeling good you may just need to think creatively on how to motivate yourself to get out there.

Here are a few suggestions that can help build and sustain motivation:

  • Make plans to meet up with a friend to walk or run
  • Set out your walking/running clothes for the next day before going to bed
  • Listen to music
  • Celebrate your running/walking achievements
  • Join a walking or running group
  • Make yourself accountable - share your goals on social media or with family/friends
  • Track your runs/walks in an app or journal so that you can see your progress
  • Turn your commute into a run or walk

Setting goals for your own wellness journey is a great way to build and sustain motivation. While some of these goals can be based on your competition, many of them should be based on things you can control: the miles you run or walk, the amount of sleep you get, and the things you do to prevent injury. This short video by Nike coach Steve Finley gives tips on How to Set (and Surpass) Running Goals.

One example of a specific goal is to complete the MCC Annual 5k Walk/Run for Scholarships on October 2, 2021! You can register for the Couch to 5k team and either participate virtually or at MCC. Register:

After you register, write your goals for the event down. Post them on your wall. Share them with somebody. Make yourself accountable. Dream on.

Yours in community and health,

The MCC Couch to 5K Wellness Program Planning Team

Katherine Ghidiu