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MCC Network Passwords Expire

ETS would like to remind all faculty and staff their network password expires every 180 days or six months.  Remember a strong password is MCC’s first line of defense against unauthorized access to network resources. You will be prompted when logging on, that your password will expire in a set number of days.

MCC’s Password Policy can be found by clicking the ‘Password Policy’ icon on the ‘Employees’ website. 
But here is a brief summary…

-- The new password must have 8 or more characters
-- Password cannot be reused.  The system will remember the last 20 passwords.
-- Must have 3 of the following:    
   at least 1 upper case letter
   at least 1 lower case letter
   at least 1 number
   at least 1 special character (#, *, =, etc.)

-- The password cannot contain three or more characters from the user's account name or the previous password.

Any questions, call the ETS Call Center x4357 when on campus, or 292-2000 x4357 when off campus.

ETS Call Center
ETS: Communications & Network Services / Instructional Technologies