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MCC Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Securing Your Personal Property

The Public Safety Department would like to welcome all new faculty, staff, and students to MCC and welcome back those returning members of our college community. Theft of personal property is the most common crime on college campuses throughout the United States, as well as here at Monroe Community College. With the advent of a new semester, Public Safety would like to offer the following crime prevention tips that will assist you in protecting and securing your personal property.

Secure your personal property at all times. Do not leave book bags, textbooks, laptop computers, cell phones, iPods, or other personal property unattended; even for a minute. When these items are not under your direct control, the possibility of these items being stolen increases dramatically. If you need to store any of these items in a safe location, there are lockable storage lockers located throughout the campus that are provided to secure your property and to reduce the chance of theft.

For those who reside in the residence halls, always secure your individual room and suite door, even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Always lock your suite door to your residence hall room when left unoccupied. Never allow strangers into your room and secure all personal property such as textbooks, laptops, and other valuables in your room when not in use, or under your direct control. Record model and serial numbers of all electronic equipment and valuables and provide this information to Public Safety in the event that any of these items are stolen.

Lock your vehicle at all times by rolling up all windows and locking all of your vehicle doors. Store all property, especially your valuable items, in the trunk, glovebox, or cargo storage area where these items cannot be seen from outside the vehicle. Note where your vehicle is parked and park in a visible location in relation to parking lot lighting and security cameras. Learn the location of emergency telephones in parking lots that you use. Program your cell phone with the emergency telephone numbers for Public Safety (Brighton Campus/292-2911, Damon City Campus/262-1414).

Protect your purses and/or wallets. Tips for securing your purse include carrying your purse with the strap securely positioned over your shoulder with the opening (flap) positioned against your body. For men, the best way to secure your wallet is to place your wallet (or money clip/billfold) in a front pants pocket. By doing so, the chances of your wallet being taken by a pickpocket are greatly reduced.

By following these simple theft prevention tips, the risk of your personal property being taken can be greatly reduced. MCC Public Safety wishes all a safe and successful semester.

Another Crime Prevention Tip from your MCC Crime Prevention Team!

Lee Struble
Public Safety