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Get Back On Your Bike!

Did you know that New York State is on a mission to curb its emissions, promote healthier living, ensure safer streets and to see more people use bicycles as transportation?

Join us Wednesday, April 11th at 12pm in room 06-321 for a presentation from the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC). A bicycle educator will lessen your fears with current statistics, examine the benefits of cycling, and impart some basic traffic safety & commuting information.

If you have wondered if biking to campus for work is possible or, if you want to become less dependent on automobiles, this presentation is for you. Gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to enjoy riding more.

Attendees will receive a free NYBC Pocket Guide; a great, easy-to-read reference booklet on bicycle safety.

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Kevin Simmons
Communications and Network Services