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Support Staff Professional Development Committee Annual Fund-raiser

The Support Staff Professional Development Committee (SSPDC) will hold its annual fund-raiser.  This year’s recipient will be Rochester Animal Services (RAS) which is dedicated to improving the quality of life and safety for city residents and their animals, promoting responsible pet ownership, and reducing animal overpopulation so as to alleviate animal suffering and euthanasia. RAS operates an animal shelter for stray, injured, and disowned animals that serves both as an adoption center and as a site for locating lost pets.

The collection will take place from now until June 12, 2007. There have been several locations set aside where you may drop off your items (see below for list of needed items):

Damon Campus - Diane Cannito, Room 5081

PSTF -  Sue Nupp

Applied Technologies Center - Elaine Reichgott, Room 158

Brighton Campus
Building 1 – Carol Wilkinson, ETS, VP Office, Room 313
Building 3 – Donna Brennan, Campus Center
Building 5 – Linda Ingraham, Room 336
Building 6 – Sandy Warren, Room 301
Building 6 – Jodee Biller, Controllers Office, Room 110
Building 7 – Maryjo Toepfer, Room 201, Dental Hygiene Clinic
Building 21 – Purchasing

Thank you to the college community for all of the support you have shown in the past.

Support Staff Professional Development Committee:

Val Avalone, Jodee Biller, Donna Brennan,  Linda Ingraham, Maria Karras, Sue Smith, Dawn Quatro, Maryjo Toepfer, Sandy Warren, Carol Wilkinson

Rochester Animal Services Wish List includes:

·         Blankets, towels (bedding)
·         Pillow cases
·         Collars and 6 foot leashes
·         Laundry detergent (for bedding)
·         Laundry Baskets
·         Sturdy chew toys (Kong toys are great!)
·         Stuffed animals
·         Pet brushes
·         Pet carriers & training crates
·         Pet shampoo
·         Pet treats
·         Pet care and animal reference books
·         Can openers
·         Cat litter scoopers
·         Liquid dish soap
·         Rubbing alcohol
·         Hydrogen Peroxide
·         Cotton swabs
·         Spray nozzles for garden hoses
·         Kitchen drain stoppers
·         Standard brooms and dust pans
·         Hand brooms with dust pans
·         Large plastic storage bins with lids
·         Large kitchen spoons
·         Puppy Training Pads/Chux/Underpads

Sandy Warren
Human Resources