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First Fridays at J.B. Quimby’s! Two Nights: Friday, April 6 and Friday, May 4

Ever wonder what your colleagues in that “other tower” are really like? 
Ever wonder why Christopher Robin and MCC both have 100 acres?
Ever want to meet your colleagues from another department, the library, ETS?
Why are our school colors black and gold?

Well we’ve gone in search of the answers!

Join “The Crossovers”, Alice Harrington (Libraries), Dave Shaw (Music), Ellen Mancuso (Libraries), Paul Emerick (Biology), Diane Dawson (Instructional Technologies), Jeff Bartkovich (Educational Technologies),  and Cynthia Cooper (College and Community Relations)  for a happy hour at J. B. Quimby’s for the first Friday of April and May from 5 to 7 pm. 

Enjoy the collegiality.  Share your experiences at the College.
Faculty - staff - everyone is welcome!
If you plan on attending, let one of us know so that Quimby’s can plan for our arrival!

(left to right) Alice Harrington, Diane Dawson, Paul Emerick, Jeff Bartkovich, David Shaw, Ellen Mancuso, Cynthia Cooper

Ellen Mancuso