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In Your Own Words: The Art of Paraphrasing

What would you like to be doing on Wednesday, November 18th from Noon to 12:50?  The Writing Across the Curriculum Committee is sponsoring a student workshop on the art of paraphrasing.  Paraphrasing—the art of expressing ideas and concepts you’ve read about in your own words—is an important skill to master for success in any academic discipline.  Students attending the workshop will have an opportunity to paraphrase a paragraph and discuss their results.  Strategies for more comprehensive reading, and tools for paraphrasing will also be offered to participants.

WAC student workshops and Writing Intensive (WR) courses promote writing as an effective way of teaching and learning in any discipline.  WR courses provide students with an opportunity to engage and apply course content through writing assignments and increase one’s awareness of writing as an expression of thinking.  We hope to involve as many students as possible in this event.
The workshop will be held in Room 8-200 during College Hour (12:00-12:50PM). Please consider joining us on November 18th for what promises to be an interesting and informative College Hour event. Please come and bring a friend. All are most  welcome.

John F. Cottrell
For the WAC Committee Chemistry/Geosciencecs