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Training for Emotionally Disturbed Persons Attended by 3 MCC Public Safety Officers

According to some statistics obtained from the Criminal Justice Mental Health consensus Project and cited in an article in the D &C on January 15, 2006, 7 percent of all police contacts in large cities involve a person with a mental illness an as many as 50 million Americans have experience some form of diagnosable mental illness. 

We recognize that the incidents involving individuals with mental health issues have increased across all college campuses.  Three of our Officers (one from each shift), Michael Hull, Raymond Sprague and Stan Knutowicz are now better equipped to respond calls involving emotionally disturbed persons.  The officers received EDP basic and advance certificates in December 2005. This training represented the most extensive and dynamic curriculum in the area of mental health for law enforcement personnel in the United States and was held at the Public Safety Training Center. 

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Leah Dyer
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