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Wednesday's Message

The first day of school is always a whirlwind, whether it's the first day of kindergarten or college. The first day of classes at MCC was a blur of motion: students and faculty rushing to classes; lines at the bookstores, Marketplace, and 321 Café; FYE leaders and the Welcome Brigade helping new students find their way. Our College was re-energized after a quiet summer--just as it should be.

Yet, not every student is experiencing the excitement of the first day this year. In Southeast Texas, more than a million students and their families are struggling with the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Harvey. Many still lack basic essentials: water, food, housing. And, until these needs are met, school--whether kindergarten or college--will come second.

At MCC, we know how some of our students struggle to meet these everyday needs and how these challenges impact their academic success. Through philanthropic programs like Dreamkeepers and Single Stop, we are making a difference in the lives of Tribunes. So, we know our generosity can help make a difference in the lives of Houston-area students and their families, too.

President's Staff has raised $2,000 for the Houston Food Bank, which serves the Southeast Texas region. Yet, we know that the MCC community can do even more, so we are challenging our students, faculty, and staff to raise funds to match this donation or maybe even triple it. After all, everything is bigger in Texas!

Through September 20, you can make a donation of any size at the Service Desk at Brighton (in the Atrium) and Downtown (in the Bookstore). Cash and checks (made out to MCC Association/include "Houston Food Bank" in comment field) are accepted.

My special thanks to SGA President Jessica Rich and SEGA President Daniel Skerritt for their Tribune spirit in leading our students on their support.

In addition, Governor Cuomo is partnering with SUNY this week to raise funds for and ship needed supplies to Houston using a vessel from SUNY's Maritime College.

Whether you give at MCC or through SUNY, many thanks in advance for your donation! Please feel free to share your comments here.

Kress, Anne
President's Office