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Mathematics Department Offers the April Puzzler of the Month

The Puzzler of the Month Contest is open to all MCC students, faculty and staff.

Solve the Puzzler of the Month and you could win a prize*!

The Puzzler of the Month along with official rules and more details can be found at the Puzzler of the Month Web site:

To submit a solution:
1. Neatly write up your solution, clearly showing all work and clearly identifying the answer.
2. Along with the solution, include your name and phone number (so we can contact you if you win the prize).
3. Solutions may be submitted in the Puzzler of the Month drop box in the Math Learning Center on the Brighton Campus (11-204) or the Integrated Learning Center on the Damon City Campus or by emailing Steve Kilner at <> (please indicate "puzzler solution" as the subject).  Faculty and staff may use inter-departmental mail as well.

Solutions for the March Puzzler of the Month must be submitted by Friday, April 28th.

*Only MCC students are eligible for the monthly prize.

Kim Martello