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Rumors and Reality

In a typical year, the stress of the end of the academic year can be difficult. This year, these stressors are layered on top of concerns about declining enrollment and the impact of the challenges MCC has faced this year, as well as a 24-hour news cycle that seems to careen from bad to worse. It's hard. Throw rumors and misinformation into the mix, and the stress builds. So, each day from today through the end of academic year, I'll be tackling one rumor. I have a whole list, but if you have one you would like addressed, please send it along through the portal.

Rumor: As valuable as the Daily Tribune is for very brief messages, it fails to tell the stories that abound here -- stories that would celebrate the best efforts of faculty, staff and students --the best initiatives, the new grants, the model projects. Internal communication is so vital to the health of any organization. ... Internal communication should not be seen as a luxury ... it should be a vital component of operations that matches our rich, vibrant community.

Reality: Yes, I know it's not a rumor, but also yes, it's right.

Since opening up the portal to rumors, I've received a number of non-rumors. Individuals indicated they had never heard the rumors that were being addressed, and others--like the individual I quoted yesterday and the one quoted above--wanted to address a broader concern about how we share the outstanding work of "our rich, vibrant community."

As today's post notes, MCC has defaulted to the MCC Daily Tribune for all communication. Whether it's an event announcement, a tech tip, a SUNY change, or a celebration of an accomplishment--it all goes in the Tribune. While this is convenient, it also blurs the lines between what is operational and what is cultural, and in this blur, something valuable is (and has been) lost. We need to restore this.

In fall, MCC will launch a monthly internal, online newsletter dedicated to and telling the stories of those who are making a difference every day in the lives of our students: you. It will be called "The Tribute" (as in, Tribune Tribute). Like any publication, it needs an editorial board. If you're interested, please let me know but not anonymously, please. Just send me an email directly.

This is the last Rumors and Reality column for the year. Look for R&R to be a weekly feature come fall. I hope to see you all at commencement, as we celebrate the remarkable and inspiring journeys of our students as their success at MCC opens the door to brighter futures, thanks to you!

Kress, Anne
Office of the President