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MCC Faculty Assessment Leaders Recognized

On Wednesday, October 6th, nine faculty assessment leaders were recognized by their colleagues, department chairs, deans and academic vice president for their successful completion of assessment and evaluation projects for academic year 2009-10.  The following faculty members received certificates of recognition:

For completion of a SUNY General Education Assessment project:
Elizabeth Johnston (English/Philosophy), The Humanities
Karen Sardisco (Visual and Performing Arts ), The Arts

For completion of a program evaluation project:
Frank Ambrosio, Electrical Engineering Technology A.A.S. Program
Pat Donahue, Office Assistant A.A.S., Legal Office Assistant A.A.S., and Medical Office Assistant certificate programs
Matt Fetzner, Mechanical Technology A.A.S. Program
Jason Flack, Visual Communication Technology -- Photo/TV A.A.S. Program
Kathy Lawton, Biotechnology A.A.S. program
Lori Moses, Communication and Media Arts A.S. program
Deneen Rhode, Massage Therapy A.A.S. program

Special Awards were also presented, having been determined by Interim Vice President of Academic Services Kimberley Collins, with input from the Academic Services deans, and from the Coordinator of Academic Assessment. 

The members of the Electrical Engineering (ELT) Program faculty received the award for the “Most Notable Contribution to an Assessment Project by a Program or Department Faculty.”  Recognized for their serious approach to fully assessing all program outcomes, and for their innovative approach to assessing students’ written and oral communication skills, the ELT faculty were also commended for following up on program challenges, including enrollment and retention.  Frank Ambrosio, Program Evaluation Leader; William Yanklowski, Chair of the Department of Engineering Technologies; and Dianna Phillips, Dean of Technical Education, received the award on behalf of the program’s faculty.

Kathy Lawton, Biology Department faculty member and coordinator of the Biotechnology Program, received the award for the “Most Notable Contribution to an Assessment Project by a Faculty Assessment Leader.  As the Program Evaluation Leader for the Biotechnology Program Evaluation project, Kathy demonstrated a strong commitment to the evaluation process, to excellence in assessment, and to collaboration among her fellow faculty members.  Kathy’s report documented fully the strengths and weaknesses of the Biotechnology program, and similarly provided insight into the new directions that the Biotech program should be taking in coming years.  The report that Kathy submitted was well-received as one that “had no weaknesses,” and one that represented well the process of review, assessment and evaluation that the Department of Biology, and the Biotechnology program, undertook.

Congratulations to all of our 2009-10 faculty assessment leaders for their success in assessment and evaluation this past year.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development