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“Just in Time Training” – April 2007: Getting the Word Out!

Training when you need it, on the topics you prefer and on a day and time that is convenient for you!  This is training . . . .”Just in Time”. 

The “Just in Time Training Sessions” listed below can help you get more out of Word!

May we suggest the following sessions:

F1        Introduction to Microsoft Word

F2        Microsoft Word:  Formatting, Tables and Columns

P27      Microsoft Word:  Bullets & Numbering

F4        Microsoft Word:  Graphics

F5        Microsoft Word:  Merges, Envelopes and Labels

F3        Microsoft Word:  Templates, Tracking and Comments

F6        Microsoft Word:  Multiple Page Documents

P32      Microsoft Word:  Table of Contents

F7        Microsoft Word:  Creating Forms

P6        Microsoft Office:  Sharing Information with the Office Clipboard

You can receive training in one hour technology nuggets, or in the full session classes, at any time of the year, at a time convenient for you!  How cool is that!   For complete descriptions of these sessions and to view our entire catalog, click the following link (you will need to provide your network username and password before accessing the catalog).  Browse through the sessions, click the Session Number link, and contact the person noted in the session description.  From there, we will schedule your training choices at a time convenient for you!


You may also use the link provided within the MCC Daily Tribune (bottom of the left column) – click the Technology Training Catalog link.

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We hope to hear from you soon!

ETS - Technical Training Team
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