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National Poetry Month Haiku Slam

For the 11th consecutive year, various staff from the 3rd floor of the Spina Administration Building celebrated National Poetry Month with a haiku slam on April 26, 2011. We thought we'd share our work with the college community.

(For those of you new to haiku; haiku is a very stylized form of poetry consisting of three line phrases with 5, 7, 5 syllables respectively.  The theme is typically seasonal – i.e., passing of winter, arrival of spring.)

Flowers from the ground
Haikus from MCC staff
Spring is close at hand

Spring has not sprung yet
Winter is holding tightly
Where are you sunshine

Tulips soon to bloom
Granddaughters already did
Wish it were reversed

Spring, where is thy bloom
There will be heat far too soon
Flowers play thy tune

I walk a drunkard
To spare spring’s wiggly worms for
My soul not shoe sole

Morning fog is here
Where is spring in Rochester
Waiting for next year

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services