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Branding Update: Official Letterhead Now Available through Printing Services

Consistent use of college-approved stationery is a key component of MCC’s graphic identity. The impact of all college communications presented in a strong, visually consistent way cannot be underestimated.

MCC letterhead and envelopes, reflecting our refreshed branding, are now available through Printing Services. Place your requests for pre-printed stationery and/or Microsoft Word templates (black and white and color versions) using the online request form. Be sure to indicate whether you want templates and/or pre-printed stationery within your request.

There are two versions of the letterhead because color and black and white versions of the logo print differently. (This is explained in the attached Letterhead Guide.) When printing in color, use the color version of the letterhead; when printing in black and white, use the black and white version. Outside envelopes will be printed in black only.

Other things to note:

* Do not create your own digital letterhead.
* Do not alter logo placement or size within the document header.
* Footers may be personalized to individual employees and departments.
* Employee names and titles may only appear in the header if the official MCC logo is used (i.e., not a departmental lockup version of the MCC logo).

See the attached letterhead and envelope samples and guide for more information.

There is no urgent need to recycle pre-printed stationery. Letterhead featuring the previous logo may be used through the spring semester. If you would like new letterhead, place your request via the
online form.

Due to anticipated volume, please allow extra time for the processing of your request. 

Our next Branding Update will address email signatures.

Thank you for cooperation and for “Inspiring every day.”

Brand Toolkit
Brand Video for Employees

Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Marketing and Community Relations

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