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Final Power Outage Planned for Buildings 4 and 5

This Saturday, February 26, starting at 8:00 a.m., we will once again be turning the power off to Buildings 4 and 5 as we transfer from the temporary generator back to our brand new power distribution system! The different power feeds will be switched over one at a time, each taking about 1/2 hour to complete. We anticipate all the transfers will be complete around 2 p.m.

Just as we advised last time, anything that you can shut off prior to Saturday will help us in minimizing the start up current, as well as protect your equipment from damage.

In the near future, we will be shutting off individual floors to replace the circuit breaker panels on each floor to provide and increase power to each floor.  Why do all this? When the electrical systems were installed in these buildings, slide rules were still in use. There weren't any microwaves, refrigerators, or computers in the offices, either.  And the classrooms - ? Colored chalk was probably the Powerpoint of the day.

As this project progresses, we will be replacing the power distribution systems in Building 7 this summer, then in Building 2 and 3 next Christmas. See you soon!

Blaine Grindle
Facilities, Engineering Services