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MCC Presenters at Innovations 2011

The following individuals presented at the 2011 Innovations Conference, sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College, which took place on February 27-March 2 in San Diego, California.

- Foundations of Integrated Planning:  Valarie Avalone, Director, Planning

- Keeping the Humanities Alive:  Cooperation and Collaboration Within the College Community:  Kathleen O’Shea, Professor, English and Philosophy, and Ann Tippett, Associate Professor, English and Philosophy

- Teaching the Techies:  Writing Courses for the Wrenchers:  Michael Doolin, Adjunct Professor, English and Philosophy

- Problem Solving 101:  Robotics and Discovery-based Learning:  George Fazekas, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Technology

- Incorporating Intellectual Transfers to Explore Cross-curricular and Retentive Learning:  Rollo Fisher, Instructor, Visual and Performing Arts

- Taking Stock of Your Student Markets:  Learning From Our Workforce Colleagues:  Kate Schiefen, Dean, DCC Academic Services

- Creating and Fine-tuning Critical Thinking Assignments:  Elizabeth Laidlaw, Associate Professor, English and Philosophy

- To Chair or Not to Chair:  Good Question!:  Cathryn Smith, Associate Professor, English and Philosophy; Kristen Fragnoli, Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts; and Nayda Pares-Kane, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, History, Political Science, and Sociology

- Building a New Campus in an Urban Environment:  Valarie Avalone, Director, Planning, and Raymond Shea, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Planning, Effectiveness, and Accountability

- Global Skills for College Completion:  Tools and Routines:  Terry Shamblin, Assistant Professor, Transitional Studies

Susan M. Salvador
Vice President, Student Services

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