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First Fridays is Here Again… Everyone Welcome - Time to come together!

After last month’s event, I had a few questions about the name, “Crossovers”.  So rather than letting your imagination create a definition, I thought I’d explain the name, just a bit.  We chose the name Crossover because we came from all different areas of the college and because the term “Crossover” originally referred to faculty members who socialized with faculty from “the other tower”.  So if faculty from building 5 and 8 got together, they were branded! 

So everyone is welcome for the latest chat at J.B. Quimby’s on Friday, April 4 at about 5:15 pm.  J.B. Quimby’s is located in the Win-Jeff Plaza on Winton Road, between Jefferson Road and Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road.

Your Crossover Team:

Paul Emerick (Biology)

Dave Shaw (Music)

Jeff Bartkovich (Educational Technologies)

Diane Dawson (Instructional Technologies)

Alice Wilson (ETS Libraries)

Ellen Mancuso (ETS Libraries)

Cynthia Cooper (College and Community Relations)

Ellen Mancuso
ETS Libraries