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Independent Study – Curriculum Database Reminders

Independent Study courses are used to create a credit bearing study by an individual student under the sponsorship of a faculty member who provides initial guidance, criticism, review and final evaluation of student performance. Existing courses in the MCC Catalog cannot be offered as Independent Studies.

Independent Study course proposals are located within the Curriculum Database, under Create Proposals, at When completing the Course Information tab, section C.2, it is important to include the number of hours that the student is expected to spend completing the academic activities required for the course. The requirement for awarding academic credit is 37.5 hours for each one credit  of independent study to be earned by the student.  It is also necessary to clearly document how the coursework will be graded in section C.5.

Independent Study proposals must go through a similar approval process to other course proposals, including:
  • STUDENT:  Meets with instructor to discuss proposed Independent Study.
  • INSTRUCTOR:  Completes the online request  for Independent Study; forwards the proposal to the Department Chairperson for approval.
  • DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSON: Reviews proposal; if approved, forwards to the Division Dean.
  • DIVISION DEAN:  Reviews proposal; if approved, forwards to the Director of Adult and Experiential Learning.
  • DIRECTOR OF ADULT AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Reviews proposal; if approved, forwards to the Curriculum Dean.
  • CURRICULUM DEAN:  Reviews proposal; if approved, forwards to Records and Registration.
  • RECORDS AND REGISTRATION:  Enters required information on master schedule. Completed form is automatically sent to Student Accounts.

MaryJo Witz
Curriculum and Program Development