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Starfish Surveys!

On Wednesday 9/30/2015, the first Starfish progress survey was distributed to all faculty teaching students from one of the following 5 populations enrolled:

·         TS01 (first time TRS students)

·         ES01 (first time ESOL students)

·         EOP (Educational Opportunity Program)

·         Athletes

·         Online Learners

Over 2200 surveys were sent out.  To date, we have received 448 completed surveys. We are hoping for 100% completion! The information generated from these surveys will be used to encourage our students or to initiate additional supports to assist in reaching their academic goals.

The Starfish progress survey replaces the progress reports you may have previously completed for EOP and Athletes in Banner. 

Please complete the progress survey by Wednesday, October 7th at midnight!

 If you have any questions on completing the surveys, please contact me at:


Thank you in advance for your support!

Ebony Caldwell
Title III