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R U in the Q?

SUNY NY-Alert notifies MCC students and employees in an emergency.

Now knowing if there’s a fire, bomb threat, or other potentially dangerous situation on campus can be as simple as adding your contact information to the SUNY NY-Alert queue.

MCC has joined over 50 other SUNY colleges and universities in the largest campus safety initiative in the country.

Enhanced campus security. 

SUNY NY-Alert won’t replace other modes of campus communication.  Its purpose is to enhance other systems by notifying students and employees in ways that are not place-bound.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, authorized campus personnel will send announcements, warnings, protective action instructions, and updates after the event.

You choose how you want to be notified.

Email, text messages, landline and cell phone messages, paging, dial-out voice messaging and fax—any, and all, are options. SUNY NY-Alert is also voluntary. You can choose to opt in or out at the beginning of each semester.

Signing up is simple, secure and free. 

SUNY NY-Alert is only available to MCC students and employees, but you can enter up to three phone numbers, including that of a spouse, parent or other family member. And other than standard text messaging rates charged by some carriers, it’s free.

“The system is based on the NY-Alert initiative, so it’s proven technology and very secure,” says Leah Santirocco, assistant director of public safety. “I think that having our students and employees be as safe as possible is worth the little time it takes to register.”

Here’s how to add your name to the queue:

·   Sign in to the
Banner Web system with your Banner ID and password.

·   Go to the Personal Information Tab.

·   Use the link Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY-Alert).  Here you can opt in, or out, of the system.

·   Go back any time to update your contact information. 

For more about SUNY NY-Alert, visit these websites:



Leah Santirocco
Public Safety