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Thanks to Tobacco-free Committee

On January 1, MCC’s tobacco-free policy entered its full-compliance phase. For more than a year, members of MCC’s Tobacco-free Committee have dedicated themselves to helping us make this significant culture shift.

The committee has spread the word through tacos and t-shirts. They’ve brought in speakers, organized smoking cessation events, posted signs and orchestrated information sessions. Their creative and collaborative efforts have succeeded in smoothly steering the entire MCC community through this historic moment and on to a healthier, more respectful environment for us all. While we applaud their accomplishments, we will continue to support their ongoing work as well.

Tobacco-Free Committee members are as follows:

Dolores Pasto-Ziobro, Internal Audit, committee chair
Susan Baker, Student Services
Tracey Britton, Student Services Center, DCC
Katie Cahill, Athletics
Bob Cunningham, Academic Facilities & Learning Environments
Dale Doty, Psychology
Janet Ekis, Marketing & Community Relations
Doug Ford, Facilities
Julianna Frisch, Campus Events
Brittany Fuhrmann, MCC student
Susan George, Health Services
David Graupman, Housing and Residence Life
William Holtby, Public Safety Training Center
Bill Horton, Applied Technologies Center
Matt Lawson, Office of Student Life & Leadership Development
Sharon Marini, Public Safety
Chris Piro, Public Safety
Betsy Ripton, Student Services
Penny Sayles, Health and Physical Education
Jordyn Simmons, MCC student
Nicholas Wolcott, Student Accounts
Sandra Wolf, Facilities

    Hezekiah Simmons
    CFO and Vice President, Administrative Services