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MCC Staff Present at SUNY Wizard 2012

MCC staff presented at the SUNY Wizard 2012 Conference, November 22-23, 2012 held in Syracuse, New York.   Wizard is an opportunity for presenters from SUNY campuses to share with the IT community their best practices and success stories.  The conference focuses on new trends and emerging technologies that positively impact IT and enhance abilities to deliver the highest quality services to students, faculty, and staff.

Campus – Image Deployment and Management System
David Lane, Associate Director, Communications & Network Services and Donna Pogroszewski, Director, Communications and Network Services.

For years MCC has had a robust classroom imaging system (Windows 7 brought on new challenges). Through a long-standing relationship, MCC contracted with Pivcon, Inc, to develop and implement a new classroom desktop imaging technology called Pivcon Management Platform (PMP); in simplest terms - a desktop image deployment and management system designed to leverage MCC's existing desktop node infrastructure as a key component for reliable and expedited delivery of images in classrooms.  The PMP system allows for multiple images to be deployed to any single computer and has a highly-customizable client configuration which provides a mechanism to maximize flexibility with minimal staff time. PMP has been used to deploy images to classroom PCs since the 2010-11 fall and spring semesters.

Campus - Web Infrastructure, Open Source, Emergency Communication and the Amazon EC2 Cloud
William Wagoner, Director, Network Systems and Applications Development, and Steve Kuhaneck, Technology Integration Specialist

This session recounted MCC's recent upgrade of its WWW web infrastructure, explaining the process used, principles followed, and decisions made.  They covered what has been accomplished so far (standard Open Source software, content update standardization, virtualization, use of public cloud resources, improved emergency communications) and discussed next steps.  

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services