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“Sharing Our Worlds” conversation series

We invite you to the Spring 2010 “Sharing Our Worlds” conversation series

As a follow-up to the Teaching and Creativity Center’s 2009 “Sharing Our Worlds” events, the Academic Services Leadership Council would like to engage faculty (both teaching and non-teaching) in discussions on a variety of topics.  We have one more session this month and below you will find our March schedule.  Each session is listed with a general topic/theme but they are designed to be a conversation and we encourage you to join in.

All the sessions are one hour and will be held in the Teaching and Creativity Centers:

Brighton, 2-315 – Leroy V. Good Library
Damon, Room 5091

Friday February 26th
noon – Brighton TCC
Hosts – Frank Rinehart, Paul D’Alessandris, Gordon Dutter and Lydia Tien
The Classroom as a Window on Cognition

Monday March 8th 
noon – Damon TCC
Host – Bob Cunningham
Faculty Vision for the Classroom of the Future

Wednesday March 10th 
noon – Brighton TCC
Host – Donna Burke
Student Opinion Survey

Thursday March 11th 
3:30 – Brighton TCC
Host – Bob Cunningham
Faculty Vision for the Classroom of the Future

Thursday March 18th 
3pm - Damon TCC
Host – Stuart Blacklaw
Globalization of the Curriculum

Wednesday March 24th 
noon – Damon TCC
Hosts – Kate Schiefen and Christine Plumeri
Learning Communities – CRJ and SOC

Wednesday March 31st 
noon – Brighton TCC
Host – Stuart Blacklaw
CLA Performance Tasks – A hands-on tool for active learning

Please join us.  No RSVPs are necessary.  
Bring a brown-bag lunch/snacks if you would like. Coffee and tea are available.

Kimberley Collins
Academic Services