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College Forum Agreement

Responding to the request of the College community and the response of the FCCC to communication at MCC, the Board of Trustees of Monroe Community College would like to provide the faculty, staff, students, and Rochester community with direct access to the Board, time to engage in dialogue and an opportunity to follow up on any concerns. In this spirit of cooperation and with shared governance partners, we have crafted the following College Forum Agreement.

The people present will be the Board chair, several trustees, the Board secretary, the College president, and the Director of Human Resources. There may be others invited depending on the content that will be discussed in the topics presented.

Each participant needs to register with Linda Hall, the Board secretary, with a one paragraph topic summary. The speaker and topic will be published in the Tribune for the interest of the College community.

Each speaker will bring two copies of the remarks that will be presented to the Board, and one of the copies will be on file in the library, published in the Tribune, and available online. The notes from the meeting along with any follow up concerns will be on file in the Library and published in the Tribune, so the proceedings will be part of the public record. Each speaker will be recorded, so the secretary, the Board, and the speaker will have access to specific details if necessary.

The College Forum will be scheduled for 90 minutes. Each speaker will have three minutes to present remarks and up to seventeen minutes to dialogue with the Board for a total of twenty minutes. Requests to speak at the College Forum will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

If the Board secretary receives more requests than can be heard in 90 minutes, those requests will be considered for the next scheduled College Forum.

When engaging with the presenters, the Board will seek to clarify the problem, inquire about the history of the problem and any efforts to address the problem, and suggest action by directing the presenter to the person or persons responsible in the College for the specific area of concern. There may also be follow up after the College Forum if necessary.

The first College Forum will be held from 3:30-5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 on the Brighton campus in Monroe B. Speakers should register via email on February 12 or February 13, 2020 with Linda Hall and the registered speakers will be published in the Tribune on February 14, 2020 in the order they registered. We will also have a second College Forum in April.

The College strives to create a respectful learning and working environment. Therefore, all participants in the College Forum are expected to comport themselves in an appropriate fashion. Personal attacks, the disclosure of confidential information, and unprofessional language are not acceptable.

We look forward to hearing from the College community and the Rochester community concerning ideas and concerns. This will be a time when we can all learn from each other.

Lovenheim, Barbara
MCC Board of Trustees