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An Introduction to Effective Interviewing Webinar

2PM March 30, 2006   Empire Room

We are hosting a webinar entitled, "An Introduction to Effective Interviewing" offered by the Institute for Community College Development and Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension, Great Lakes District.  All those who may be involved in future hiring committees are encouraged to attend.

Economists predict that there may be as many as 7 million unfilled jobs by the year 2010. The labor pool is growing more slowly yet we still need to find qualified people to keep our organizations productive and profitable. Effective Interviewing skills are critical to a managers’ success. Finding the best candidates and then determining whom to hire are often the decisions that have the greatest long-range impact on an organization’s ability to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The webinar An Introduction to Effective Interviewing offers participants an opportunity to explore a process for interviewing, examine different interviewing styles and learn ways to improve their interviewing technique.

Key Topics

·                     A process for creating effective interviews

·                     Different types of interviews

·                     Interview question techniques

·                     Selling the organization to candidates

Special Features

·                     Individualized responses to questions by instructors

·                     Suggested reading list

·                     Additional follow-up resources

Who Will Benefit

·                     People who interview job candidates and who need an organized approach to conducting interviews while improving their interviewing skills.

About the Instructor

Ron M. Katz, SPHR, is President of Penguin Human Resources Consulting, LLC.  Katz has extensive experience in the areas of Human Resources, Training and Management Development. He is an adjunct instructor at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. For Cornell he teaches Performance Management and Appraisal, Effective Interviewing, Strategic Staffing, Managing Performance and Selection and Staffing. Katz is also on the faculty with the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the Mercy College Graduate Program in Human Resource Management, where he also served as a member of their Advisory Board.

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