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Administrative Services Night Shift Employees Build Helicopters!!

On Tuesday, January 13, the evening staff of Building Services and Facilities’ participated in a team building event that was an enjoyable and highly-effective “hands-on” exercise!

Staff members were broken down into teams.  Teams were set up with peers but not necessarily with people they work with on a daily basis.  Each team was on a mission of transporting “helicopter” parts when their airplane went down.

Each team’s objective was to get home safely.  They had all of the parts needed to build a helicopter but could they work as a team and utilize everyone’s specific talents to accomplish their mission?

All teams went to work developing their own strategies on how they were going to get the task done.

After the exercise, Fred McCullough, director, building services, opened up the floor for discussion on the key points of working together to achieve an end result—in this case, arriving home safely.

The first team to complete the exercise was Rick Loveland, Jerry Harris, Geoff Goodrell and Cory Scott– Congratulations! 

On a personal note – I believe everyone enjoyed themselves and it was remarkable to look around the room and see such interaction and determination - and that’s what its’ all about!

Heze Simmons, Vice President
Administrative Services