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Construction project updates

We have several projects currently running or starting this week for the big end of summer push.
First, an update on the elevators in Building 5 and 8 - As of Friday afternoon, we were still on schedule to be able to use building 8 elevator at noon, and building 5 will be ready on Tuesday at noon.

Power interuption - we actually will have done a short power interuption this morning before 8:00 am to transfer power off of an emergency generator switch that serves several areas in building 2 and 3. The interuption (will have) affected the elevators in the library, food service, the bookstore, and the student lounge area. Lights in the stairwells and hallways, and Health Services were also affected. We will have a second interuption on Tuesday morning when we remove the temporary power and hook everyone back up to the new emergency switch. I'm writing this in a future sense becasue I couldn't get this into the Friday edition on time, and I'm doing my best Karnak impression to guess what will be in the mayonaise jar on Monday.... But most likely, this is what will (have) happen(ed). (Get it?)

Will it be hot or cold? - We'll be playing some HVAC roulette this week as the construction projects have tied one hand behind our back. For the construction we had to shut down our heating system and a portion of the cooling system so that they could cut in taps for the new piping. If you are in buildings 8,9, or 10, you should bet on hot. The piping for both heating and cooling has been drained in those areas for the tie-ins. We'll refill them as soon as they tell us we can....If you are somewhere else on campus then bet on cool. The heating system has been drained entirely, but we can still run the chilled water in the rest of campus. Now, why do we need heat you ask? Well, in the older parts of our system, we acutally cool the air to 55 degrees and then reheat it to a comfortable temperature depending on the need. Without heat to reheat it, we'll be outputting 55 degrees all the time without some manual intervention from our Stationary Engineers. So, if you feel a little cooler than you can take, call the Facilites Office at 2814 and ask for warmth. We'll try some manual intervention and see if we can make it comfortable. (Just don't say it too loudly so they can hear you in 8, 9, or 10.)

Finally, if I haven't annoyed everyone enough already, we are starting the replacement of the airhandler motor controls this week - probably Tuesday. We will have spotty service to the North and South end of Building 7 as we replace one fan at a time. There's two on the south and one on the north. You will see reduced air flow, but we will try to trick the system and keep at least some air moving.

That's all I can do for now - its 2:50 and I have to send this.
As always, call with any concerns.

Blaine Grindle