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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review Until November 7, 2017

The following curriculum proposals were approved by Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until November 7, 2017

Program Revisions:

AAS Biotechnology 2016-PR61-Spring

AS Psychology 2016-PR80-Spring

AS Geology 2016-PR68-Spring

Course Revisions:

CIT 123 Construction II: Heavy, Highway and Site Construction 2016-CR149-Spring

MET 103 Manufacturing Processes I 2016-CR143-Spring

MET 206 Engineering Materials 2016-CR144-Spring

OPT 110 Introduction to Optical Technology 2016-CR150-Spring

OPT 151 Optical Instruments and Testing 2016-CR145-Spring

OPT 201 Photo Science 2016-CR146-Spring

OPT 213 Optical Processes 2016-CR147-Spring

OPT 231 Lasers: Technology and Application 2016-CR148-Spring

SOC 202 Urban Sociology 2016-CR113-Spring

SOC 205 African-American Family - WR 2016-CR116-Spring

SOC 210 Global Interdependence - WR (formerly SOC 150) 2016-CR114-Spring

GEG 203 Extreme Climate Laboratory 2016-CR152-Spring



EDU 200 Foundations of Education Janet Waasdorp-12/02/2016-GE-1

Michael Heel
Curriculum and Program Development