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Parking for PGA

Monroe Community College will be providing offsite parking for a limited number of attendees to the PGA tournament, August 11-17th. This will have a minimal effect upon College community members here on the Brighton Campus, primarily during the daytime. During the PGA week, the following parking lots will be available for use by College community members:

Loop: No change for administrators and visitors during daytime, Monday-Friday hours. Employees may park here after 5 PM in non-metered spaces, Monday-Friday. On the weekend, parking is open to all.

Lots A/B,K, and M: Employees may park here as usual, Monday-Friday. These lots will also be used as overflow for non-PGA visitors.

Lot C: New student orientation parking will be in this lot on August 11 and 13 only.

All other parking lots [F, E, D, G, H, J, and C (except as noted above)] will be assigned to PGA parking.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while we provide this service for this important community event.

Leah Dyer
Public Safety